It’s time to achieve your goals.  It’s time to allow yourself to be successful.

It’s time to break this cycle of overeating, emotional eating, and binge eating!

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I know what you're going through...

  • You’re tired of how you feel
  • You have those moments where you think the only thing that’ll make you feel better is food
  • For a moment, you get a high with food you’re binging on
  • You get a rush of endorphins, only to come crashing down after the food you’ve binged on is finished
  • You feel worse than you did before giving into the urge to binge
  • You find motivation to change and develop an action plan
  • You rejoin Weight Watchers, restart your My Fitness Pal, commit to Whole 30, dedicate yourself to the Keto Diet, or sign up for the newest diet that’ll help you reach your weight loss goals
  • You tell yourself that this time will be different
  • You tell yourself that you are going to change
  • You tell yourself that you will reach your goals
  • You work hard and follow your plan
  • You have success and find pride in how hard you’re working to change
  • A day rolls around where you’re just too tired, too stressed, too hungry, too overwhelmed, or too lonely to follow your food plan
  • You fight the urge to binge, but something inside of you convinces you that it’s just one bite, one taste, one time
  • You give into your urge but tell yourself to get back on the horse
  • Another moment comes up.  You’re at a party where there’s pizza, cake, and cookies.
  • You tell yourself that it’s just one bite, one taste, one time
  • You give into your urge and are overcome with feelings of defeat
  • You feel like things will never change
  • You fall back into the emotional eating, over eating, and your binge eating cycle
  • You stop following your diet and return to old habits
  • You begin the cycle all over again

But you want a different life! You want...

  • To love yourself unconditionally
  • To be successful on your diet
  • To reach your goal weight
  • To stop binge eating
  • To stop over eating
  • To stop emotional eating
  • To stop using food to cope with your emotions
  • To be in full control of the foods you are eating and not eating
  • To eat foods that leave you feeling energized
  • To not be consumed with food when spending time with family and friends
  • To shop at any store you’d like
  • To be confident in your body
  • To move more and be happy while doing it
  • To take my relationships to the next level
  • To break the binge cycle!
  • To find true freedom
  • To define my life beyond binge eating

Let me help you! You are not in this alone!

We can break the binge together!

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